Friendship Barbers

My role in designing and developing Friendship Barbers site:

Ask: To design and develop a custom logo and website for Friendship Barbers, an independent barber shop, serving the local community.
Discussed client’s goals, typical customer demographic, business model, and future vision.
Conducted high level research to understand what components would be most valuable to prospective clients and ensure that the user interface is easily navigable by prospective customers.
Web design process:
Logo design – Created multiple vector images using Adobe Illustrator, and went through an interactive approach to ensure that it met the client’s needs.
Wireframe – Mapped full website features including menus, buttons, layouts and other underlying functionality. Each frame was individually reviewed with the client throughout the entire design phase.
Content architecture – Captured client story through images, colors, typography and other design elements.
Secure CMS platform – Ensured that all WordPress themes and plugins meet the highest standards in security.
Success KPIs:
Met weekly with the client to ensure timeliness, transparency and thoroughness. Website was completed on time and within budget. The website has since seen high levels of traffic, great customer feedback, and Friendship Barbers has since seen an increase in call/appointment volume.