My role in bringing RemoteSP to life:

To design and develop a custom website for, an independent engineering consultancy, telling their story in a compelling way.  Develop a logo to help establish a brand identity. Recommend reliable, secure, and reasonably priced commercially available web hosting options with scalable web email capabilities. 
Discussed consultancy’s goals, industry verticals served, and type of information sought by prospective clients.
Conducted high level research to better understand and develop an appreciation for the industry served, the consultancy’s domain of expertise, and what differentiated them from their competition. Researched competitor websites to understand the normative.
Web design process:
Logo design – Created ten different vector images using Adobe Illustrator, thus providing the client with a broad selection to choose from. Iterated and fine tuned the final selection to incorporate client suggestions.
Wireframe – Mapped out website features such as menus, buttons, and layouts highlighting underlying functionality and navigation capabilities.
Content architecture – Articulated client story focusing on consistency, colors, typography, imagery, simplicity, and functionality.
Secure CMS platform – Incorporated WordPress themes and plug-ins that meet the highest standards in security.
Success KPIs:
On-time and on budget. Positive feedback from client.